This is not just for Tele-working, it is just a port of it.

Key is where you will place your company's sensitive data.


Tele-working style  becomes very popular due to the several events, such as corona virus spread,. However, most of the tele-working service providers are just giving us one part of tool that we encounter during our work. As the result, we have to combine several services to create real working environment outside of your office. Concerns don’t end.  How do we share information, what is the better communication method that similar to what we normaly do at our office, management, and security concerns.


But, fundamentally, nothing is more important than where you store your data with limitation of access to the limited people. Then we can start to discuss the method of working style remotely, such as video chat, video meeting, broadcast office with not physically contacting working environment, based on the philosophy of your company. 


We have started our service of providing tele-working system since 2011. What we have been so keen is where you place your data. Unlike any other GAFA type cloud system, our system place your data at your hand.  Because of this, you can see how data is handled transparently.  Because of this, you can dominate whole hard disk capacity.  Because of this, data transfer duration time is very short.  With this unique benefit, DUO-LC, our device has many OpenSource applications that helps working remotely, such as business chat system, remote desktop system, calendar, contact information, multi-editable documents(office like document, spread sheet, presentation sheet), virtual desktop, And more , these are all free.  Thank you for the open sources. 


DUO-LC is our unique server that protect your precious data in very different way from any GAFA like public cloud. It can provide you to access to your office network without any worry in very short time period. 


Now you can work at home or any you like place in case of pandemic, planed public suspention on transportation operation, any natural disasters such as tyhoons. 


What is DUO-LC?What App are on?


Feb. 26th, 2020:Our product is picked up on several media as the simple and speedy WFH system against corona virus epidemic. detail

Feb. 7th, 2020:We have started to sell new product package ‘WFH system package which can transform your office into cloud”. detail

May, 30th, 2019:Our product is registered as Tokyo Municipal’s tele-working subsidy product. 

What is DUO-LC?

strong file server

It look simple and beautiful at your hand when you store all your data at some cloud system.  However, as specialist points out, we have no idea how your data is managed at their data center because it is all secret.  Moreover, there aren’t any protection or compensation for your data breakage or loss at all.  How much ever you enjoy its service, you have to protect you data on your own.  Linka provides the solution at one single stop simply by placing DUO-LC server at your office.  Unlike other solution, you can have speedly and high amount data management, simply because you have your data management at your hand, at your office.


SAMBA is the file server.  It is the folders accessible via file explore in Windows.  Anyone who has id and password registered via our system can access.  You can access from any device at either your office or outside with VPN access.  Of course, you can access the file server via Mac and apps on your smart phone.


This is one of the most used open source file server manager app via your browser, used by such as Kyoto University.  Unlike SAMBA, you ca n access to your file and folders only if you have a browser with your login id and password.  With this app, you can limit access of each file and folder.  Besides, the app has group sharing calendar, contact information, video meeting, chat and others.


This is the open source version of most popular business chat app, Slack.  You can have your own company’s LINE service.  However, not like LINE service, the service is only for your company. so you don’t need to be worried about delete and limitation of your data transfer.  You also don’t need to be worried about your employee’s private talk via LINE, since all conversation are saved at DUO-LC at your office.

simple way providing WFH system for your office

Different from Net Storage Server at hand, DUO-LC allows us to access from outside of your office with the world highest coding system (L2TP/IPsec).  It also you to access to your office devices from outside safely, such as control printer, use laptop computer that has been shared at your office. 




This the most used open source home page management system over the world in last 10 years. You don’t need to know programming code and HTML code to create and manage your home pages. You also don’t need to configurate settings at your renting server if you want to use this app on your own with your high tech knowledge, DUO-LC allows you to do them by your simple process.

virtual desktop

You can set your computer like desktop inside of DUO-LC. This allows you to access and use your windows computer if you only bring keyboard and mouse.  There is no data at your laptop computer because you are just viewing data at DUO-LC via your laptop browser.  This allows you to access data speedy and there is no disturbing even when your laptop is broken since it is nothing to do with data.

Other specifics

(Sorry but this is at the developing phase。Please understand that it is not promised information.)DUO-LC allows you to use Only-Office that is one the most compatible software of microsoft’s office products such as WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint, over the world.  Moreover, you can access them via your browser so you even don’t need Windows OS itself.  Additionally, you can edit any documents with other log-in members at the same time.

What are so special about DUO-LC?


Unlike any other cloud service that provides shared space and device ability, every aspects of DUO-LC is all for you.  All disk are yours.

Your cloud, not shared

Unlike any other cloud service that provides shared space and device ability, every aspects of DUO-LC is all for you.  All power and ability of CPU and memory can make your access much faster.  ※please note that access speed is not only determined by the server, but mostly effects of provider and your client computer too.

Your data at hand

There are two good things if you have your data at hand.   One good thing is backup.  Cloud service is very useful and cheep, but on the other hand, you have little knowledge and control about how your data is managed.   DUO-LC pushes out those problems.  The second good thing is speed.  It is efficient because your employee are all at office so you don’t need to access data outside of your office.

support plan if you need

You can use all services on DUO-LC basically no monthly fee.  If you need further technical support, you can get basic mail support and hard warranty extension.

apps (services)



(file server)

This is a file server.  You can access your data via file explore of Windows with the access limitation by id and password. You can access to it at your office and from outside via VPN connection.  You also can access to it via mac computer and smart phones’ apps.



DUO-LC allows you to access your office network from outside via VPN. Our VPN type is L2TP/IPSec which is one of the most safest encrypt system.  L2TP/IPSec  may not been encrypted by any spy agencies such as NSA or FBI.  This technology allows you to work as if you are at your office so you can access your computer, printer, and router at office. (You need access authorization as same as you have at your office.)  You can access devices at your office very safely when you use public free WI-FI and any countries where we doubt its internet censorship. 

How Dangerous of simple access

This isn’t our company’s service.  This ad video is very good to understand about VPN.  By the way, any VPN services that adopt the third party VPN server might be observed by others.  DUO-LC provides VPN encrypting at your office, so you don’t need to worry about it)


file management via browser(s)

The most used file management server side application, as an open source, is ready to use on DUO-LC.  It is used by such as Kyoto University in Japan.  Not like SAMBA, you can use the app only if you have a browser.  You can limit the access to the server on every data file or folders.  In addition to file manger, there are group calendar, video meeting, chat, group contact information, and so on. 


Mattermost(Slack, Line like business chat service only for you)

It gets serious problem that employee use their private chat and messengers for business contact.  It has risk simply because this communication does exist outside of company’s acknowledge.   When you get a trouble, you need to know what exactly your customer told, so you need to track the communication record.  DUO-LC can provide all record because it store all communication on your business chat.  It also allows you to upload big size data speedy with unlimited time and limitless number because it is all only yours.

Strong one stop data managment and providing one stop building of WFH system

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About US

GAFA has provided efficient way of accessing data without we know how they are managed.

Linka successfully provide on-premise private server at hand, and let you have the third choice that you can manage your data on your own.  In the last ten years, cloud computing come to the center and becomes as if it is the only choice to store your data.  It, however, causes many breach and loss of data without your reach.  You can your data at and at your knowledge and management in case of using.

Linka LTD.  CEO  Takeshi Ogawa


“It was more than 2 million yen in order only to allow access to NAS at your office network.  The price of DUO-LC made me worried because it has much much more apps at less price.  So long as I remember, setting DUO-LC caused any difficulty or huge change of what we are doing at our office.  We just simply let LINKA to do.  Setting DUO-LC has brought us to use not only access huge volume of storage, it also let us have the management of access limitation on each files and folders.  The whole system also gave us we can do work from home.

Tax Auditing Office A

“The reason we adopt system which makes us to do work from home is the serious staff shortage.  We have very talented employee but she need to leave because of her maternity leave.  She cannot commute any more for at least a year.  Replacement would cost much such as advertising on classification and training on the new stuff (This means limit other stuff who we already at our office).  Moreover, it doesn’t promise he/she would stay and work hard as she did.  It looks no troubles so far to communicate with her working at home.  Moreover, DUO-LC let us use business chat system and it makes our work at high speed.  Now what I am troubled is I have to make decisions in very short time, so DUO-LC actually increased my burden more than before.  :)”

Tax Auditing Office B

“On premise, is the only choice we have, because data is very critical for us and public cloud is ambiguous in terms of data security and management.  Our product is high value of copy right.  We cannot store your precious data especially when it is before goes to public.  Cost is very important but we know safe is the high priority and it also cost too.  Installation of DUO-LC at your office have given us not only safe and high volume of storage at our management.  It has given us private business chat and video meeting.  They are all free because they are open source applications.  We manage large volume of data.  DUO-LC is very private so it provides high speed and limitless data management. Now it creates to our customer the edge of technology of our company. 

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